Genset Booster

CE+T Energrid developments aim among others at supporting gensets, these assemblies including a heat engine and an electrical generator. Gensets produce electricity from fuel when the electrical network is no longer sufficient to supply electrical charges. Their intrinsic problem is their dynamics, i.e., their capacity to respond quickly to the impact of electrical loads when connecting them. Indeed, when the electrical network disappears, the critical loads are backed up by the installed batteries. During this time, the generator starts and gradually generates electricity. Once the genset ready, the power supply to the loads is switched from the batteries to the genset. If this switch occurs instantaneously, the amount of energy requested from the generator will be such that the motor regulator will not have time to adapt, which then causes a collapse of the genset and, consequently, critical loads and other users.

To solve this problem, CE+T Energrid is developing a solution based on the concept of progressive switching (or Walk-in Mode). The objective is to use a converter and batteries to support the genset in its load supply role during start-up. The energy stored in the batteries (shown in the lower part of the diagram below) is sent after conversion (in the converter shown in green) to the loads at the same time as the energy generated by the genset. This solution makes it possible to avoid oversizing of gensets and to reduce significantly the investment to be made by companies (CAPEX).