Little Box Challenge

In 2016, CE+T Power won first prize and was awarded with $1 million from Google & IEEE Little Box Challenge for developing an inverter with the world’s highest power density. They wanted to turn the newly developed technologies into a market-fit solution and therefore founded CE+T Energrid.

Semiconductor Technologies
The biggest achievement of the Little Box Challenge was to be able to use efficiently the new SiC GaN Semiconductor technologies. While being the smallest on the market today, they’re extremely sensitive and demand a very precise usage in today electronics topology. But the investment is worth it since they bring so much value like :
  • Reducing the size and weight of electronic in the transportation sector, gaining battery life, range and fuel economy.
  • Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership in data centers by creating higher efficiency, higher density power supplies.
  • Taking cost out of solar inverters by significantly reducing the solution size.
  • Reducing electricity costs in appliances by reaching unprecedented levels of efficiency.

Thermal Management
One of the main issues in miniaturizing any component have always been the thermal management. With our partners, we’ve been able to set up an effective air cooling combined with a revolutionary heatsink design.