Our solutions

Standard & Modular Solutions


Chose the Energy Storage System that best fits your needs. We offer standardized configurations starting from 20kW up to 200kW including:

  • Brand agnostic energy storage systems (e.g.: batteries)
  • PMS Controller
  • Hercules power converters (link to page Hercules)

These systems can be configured to provide up to 640kW (2MWh).

Key features:

  • Shave peaks of consumption
  • Increase self-consumption with renewable energy
  • Get paid for demand response by shifting your consumption
  • Secure your most critical loads by using Atlas as backup solution

Containerized solutions

Our Stabiliti can be integrated into a container for on- and off-grid energy supply.  Each energy module can include:

  • Stabiliti 30C3 power converter of 30kW
  • PV panels from local partners (10 to 100kWp)
  • Brand agnostic battery storage (40 to +190kWh)

This modular solution can be configured to provide up to 240kW per container (8 energy modules).

Key Features:

  • Connect different consumers, prosumers and energy sources
  • Maximize the use of renewable energies you produce (self-consumption)
  • Reduce energy costs (grid or generator)
  • Increase the availability (backup) and the quality of the power supply


Our Sierra fanless can be integrated into Orison Panel, a plug-and-play battery storage solution coupled with an energy monitor. Each device has a maximum storage capacity of 2.2 kWh but the solution is modular. By adding other Orison Panels, you simply increase your capacity to a maximum of 13.2 kWh.


Key Features:

  • Save on energy costs
  • Easy to install
  • Size the perfect installation
  • Backup to all equipment connected to it

Customized solutions

Haven’t found the solution of your dream? All our building blocks can be integrated in your own solutions, with third-party devices.

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