CE+T Energrid electrical conversion solutions will address various applications.

  • Commercial & Industrial

    Manage your energy use has impacts on companies’ expenses, their reputation and the continuity of their activities. - More...

  • Microgrid

    Create microgrid by connecting different consumers, prosumers and energy sources - More...

  • Residential

    Optimize your energy consumption and production at home - More...

Products & Solutions

CE+T Energrid

Our company, a CE+T Power spin-out, was founded on April 10, 2017.

  • Sam De Frene

    Sam De Frene


  • Song Chen

    Song Chen

    Software Development Engineer

  • Francis Heyrman

    Francis Heyrman

    Sales Manager

  • Héloïse Dubois

    Héloïse Dubois

    Project Engineer

  • Bertrand Bastin

    Bertrand Bastin

    Project Engineer

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