CE+T Energrid electrical conversion solutions will address various applications.

  • Commercial & Industrial

    Manage your energy use has impacts on companies’ expenses, their reputation and the continuity of their activities. - More...

  • Microgrid

    Create microgrid by connecting different consumers, prosumers and energy sources - More...

  • Residential

    Optimize your energy consumption and production at home - More...

Products & Solutions

  • Partner up for Energy Storage of tomorrow

    Install batteries is the most common way to store energy. However, it is part of a bigger solution: Energy Storage Systems. Made of batteries, converter, [...]
  • Data centers want to be greener

    Context Data is expected to only increase, reaching 175 zettabytes by 2025, which implies more activities for data centers. These infrastructures hosting all the digital [...]
  • Who is CE+T Energrid?

    Take 2minutes and 30 seconds to discover more about CE+T Energrid: the challenges the market faces, the solutions we can bring and how we do [...]

CE+T Energrid

Our company, a CE+T Power spin-out, was founded on April 10, 2017.

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    Sam De Frene


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    Song Chen

    Software Development Engineer

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    Francis Heyrman

    Sales Manager

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    Héloïse Dubois

    Project Engineer

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    Bertrand Bastin

    Project Engineer

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