Founded in April 2017, CE+T Energrid is a Belgian startup providing energy management advanced solutions for residential, commercial & industrial customers worldwide.

Our mission is to support you, valued partners in the energy transition, by offering the most cost-effective, efficient and reliable energy solutions. These solutions enable to optimize the use of renewable energies, support & complement the grid and ensure the future of our planet.

To achieve this, we offer turnkey solutions or building blocks for integration into third-party solutions. Our innovative solutions are a good fit for energy storage applications. We support you as well in the customization of our solutions to meet your customers’ needs.

Go Green

At CE+T Energrid, we do more than helping our customer in their energy transition, we also act on our own. We have 3 commitments to the environment:

  1. Use renewable energies to power CE+T premises: we have installed our own energy storage solution!
  2. Maximize the use of recycled or recyclable materials
  3. Use remote communication means to avoid CO2 intensive travels


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CE+T Group

CE+T Energrid is part of the CE+T Group. We therefore combine the advantages of an SME while benefiting from the advantages of a Group: synergy, diversification and partnership!

Discover the companies in the Group:

CE+T Power

CE+T Power provides innovative solutions to secure power supplies for critical applications. The company is located in Belgium(HQ), United States, Luxembourg, China and India and has several offices worldwide. CE+T Power acquired G.A.I. (installation and maintenance of UPS in Belgium) and Gertek (integrator of power solutions in Germany)
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CE+T Energy Solutions

CE+T Energy Solutions is dedicated to the North American market and more particularly to energy management solutions to prepare for the energy revolution. The company is also promoting our innovative data center solution, Power Fusion.
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Alpha Innovations

Alpha Innovations joined the CE+T family in 2019. This company has developed its expertise in the field of customized power solutions. Its core competencies are related to their own monitoring solution and third-party converters integration to create a single and easy-to-use solution.
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Jema S.A.

Since its creation in 1937, Jema s.a. has acquired a unique knowledge of high-performance DC power supplies. The company designs, develops, manufactures and provides services to companies active in the medical, glass and research sectors and requiring extreme precision, or to companies using specific technologies
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