Protecting the environment, starting by ourselves

Protecting the planet is something everyone is responsible for. At CE+T Energrid, we are constantly working on three main pillars to protect the environment regarding our solutions, the organizational process and our factories.

Each solution is designed to have the highest power factor (converting a lot of power into a smaller size) and efficiency to avoid as much as possible the loss of each watt. Modules and cabinets are free of hazardous substances and packaged with recycled or recyclable materials.

Our organizational process follows an Environmental Management System that meets the applicable environmental legal requirements, as well as any other environmental requirements we voluntarily subscribe.

Finally, our factories are powered by renewable energies with rooftop solar panels (16.4 kWp), a solar tracker (4.3 kWp) and sunscreens (5.2 kWp). We also focus on waste reduction (including our testing process) and recycling.

For best results, we believe in open communication with legal authorities and want to involve our team, our suppliers and our subcontractors in a global effort to make the world greener. For us and for future generations.