Partner up for Energy Storage of tomorrow

Install batteries is the most common way to store energy. However, it is part of a bigger solution: Energy Storage Systems. Made of batteries, converter, renewable energies and a smart monitoring, this complete system plays an important role in the energy transition. Each element is critical and require a certain level of expertise but most importantly collaboration between experts to build THE solution. That’s what happened in the Netherlands when Starke Energy, ILeco and CE+T Energrid have partnered up.

Project Overview

Parteon provides sufficient, high-quality and affordable housing in the Zaan region, in the Netherlands. They were looking for a solution that will help them optimize their energy consumption, and therefore be greener.

The first milestone of this project is the installation in the headquarters of Parteon.

What’s the role of each company in this project?

Starke Energy specialized in the battery management field. Therefore, they have provided the tool to monitor the batteries and make sure they are properly used without affecting their lifetime.

The Energy Management System (EMS) of ILeco is an energy analytics software platform. It provides information to understand and optimize the energy consumption.

CE+T Energrid’s role is to provide a standard but yet modular Energy Storage System made of converters (Hercules), batteries (Narada) and controller (Pegasus). This solution can be connected to the grid and/or renewable energy but also to the EMS and BMS.

What’s next?

Other systems will be built in the future to equip other buildings in the Netherlands, and support companies like Parteon in their energy transition.

CE+T strengthens position in the energy industry with a multimillion dollars agreement

The US-based start-up Orison has designed an innovative plug-and-play residential storage solution. This wall panel will be installed in Australia and Europe with CE+T’s technology embedded. The start of a huge revolution in the energy transition!

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It’s time to change!

World energy consumption is increasing day by day and the grid is being pushed to its limits. Coupled with renewable energies and the expansion of electric cars, we will push the limits of today’s overloaded grid even further. Relieve the grid, lower energy cost and provide a backup solution is the offering of this solution. And that’s where Orison and CE+T Energrid come in.

Plug-and-play energy storage system

Orison, a US-based startup, has developed battery storage solution coupled with a home energy monitor that can be easily installed in any home or business: simply fix the panel on a wall, plug the battery into an ordinary electrical socket and you are operational! Each device has a maximum storage capacity of 2.2 kWh. If you need more power, just add more Orison panels to go up to 13.2 kWh. The size of your installation will depend on your energy production (renewable energies), your consumption and backup time. Estimate the size of your installation by visiting the Orison website (here).

The energy storage solution will help save money on energy costs. Coupled with a home energy monitor (included), the batteries can be charged when energy cost is lower, or generated by solar panels, and discharged at night when prices are higher.

In addition, in the event of a power failure, Orison’s modular battery system will provide backup to all equipment connected to it.

At the heart of the solution

Together with the smart power flow control, CE+T’s power electronics technology is the core component of this system. Based on Sierra 25 – 48/230, one proven product of CE+T Power’s multidirectional converter range, the solution offered has been redesigned to fit in a specific space and to become silent (the noise has to be very limited as the solution is designed for home). Therefore, CE+T Energrid has provided fanless multi-directional converters, Sierra 25 passive, that are integrated into Orison’s solution.

The three fully bidirectional ports (two AC and one DC) enable to manage the flows of energy circulating between the grid, the solar panels, the batteries and the critical loads.

Deal closed, systems on-field

Born 3 years ago together with CE+T Energrid itself, the collaboration of Orison and CE+T Energrid has been translated in a long-term deal and a 1st order of several million dollars. After passing regulatory approval, up to 4,000 Orison battery storage systems are slated to be tested in Australia. Tests in Europe and UK are also slated for testing before launching the product end of this year. And this is only the beginning!

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We are helping Alpha Innovations in their energy transition

We are supplying Alpha Innovations, our sister company, with an 80-kW Hercules Power Conversion System and 75-kWh Li-ion batteries as part of their microgrid under construction. They recently installed 467 solar panels of 335Wp each on the roof of their plant in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium). They will combine all these components with Compas, their infrastructure controller software, to increase their self-consumption and reduce their peaks.

More on Alpha Innovations website...

How the CE+T Group can help you manage your energy consumption?

Today, companies have multiple ways of producing their own energy. Their consumption varies and sometimes, they have a huge amount of energy left. This energy can be sold to energy suppliers. However, the price at which this energy is sold varies day by day, hour after hour.

That’s where the CE+T Group comes in: with a collaboration between the entities of the Group, we offer solutions that help you manage your energy consumption.

How do we do it?

By combining the knowledge and experience of CE+T Energrid in energy management, Alpha Innovations in monitoring solutions and CE+T Power in manufacturing of innovative converters.

  • Solutions for renewable energy

We offer 3 technology platforms, each based on innovative converters with 3 bidirectional ports. With one single module, you can connect anything!

Regarding energy transition, we can introduce new features for energy management such as:
- Peak shavings (to reduce costs)
- Increase in self-consumption (with storage solutions)
- Response to demand (to shift consumption over time)
- Pure power supply (no voltage drops, sag or surge)
- ...

  • Monitoring

Alpha Innovations has years of experience in monitoring solutions. Among them, the Universal Compas Controller (UCC). The UCC communicates with the servers of the energy suppliers to define the quantity of energy that is required on their networks. This information is translated into electrical signals that are then used to control the sources and the loads.

  • Power backup solutions

The innovative solutions developed by CE+T Power are used for power backup but also for energy management. The features and high reliability of the modules bring an added value to our customers.

What are the key advantages of our innovative solutions?

  • Customization

If you have specific requirements, we can take them into account by developing custom modules and monitoring solutions. We have teams of engineers in each entity who work together to design, build and manufacture the solutions that best meet our customers’ needs. Moreover, depending on the situation, the UCC can easily be reconfigured.

  • Grid Stability

Our solutions help stabilize the grid. By communicating with the energy supplier, you can help balance production and consumption on the network. That’s what the UCC does. Moreover, the power supply solutions have features that also help with grid stability such as demand response and an increase in self-consumption.

  • Cybersecurity

Our solutions imply a constant communication with servers, it is therefore crucial for them to be protected from cyberattacks, which is a tangible concern for all our customers. Thanks to our monitoring solutions, all communication can be encrypted using TLS. Moreover, our UCC supports a wide variety of highly reliable protocols.

For which applications?

Our solutions can be used in all applications where energy optimization is important. For example, they can be useful in small power plants that use renewable energy, co-generation or biomass. Another example of application is in the railway sector where power hubs are required in remote areas. In the telecom sector, as small losses are multiplied by thousands of systems, our solutions provide smarter energy management.

Do you also need help with energy management? Contact us!

The Power of our energy solution

Green is not just a buzzword at CE+T. As we are more than convinced by energy storage solutions, it made sense to install ours in our plant in Belgium. The complete solution is now fully operational.


The energy storage systems for Commerce & industries are the ideal solution to reduce the electricity bill by limiting the power intake from the grid, secure the power supply of critical equipment, maximize the use of the renewable energy production, increase the nuclear/fossil fuel independency and on demand, sustain the grid.

Nowadays, the grid becomes more difficult to stabilize and the number of power outages in the future will increase. Then we decide to equip our Belgian site with our own storage installation.


We installed 800 solar panels on the roof of our building in Wandre (Belgium) to complete the existing installation. These solar panels, along with our solar tracker, have a total production capacity of 230 kVA. Each year and during more than 20 years, about 225 MWh of energy should be produced on site. You can watch this installation in the video (here).

Connected to this renewable production, we installed 80 kW of modular power converters (4 modules) and 85 kWh of batteries (150 kWh more to come). Combining all these components with an Energy Management System (EMS), we are now benefitting from a complete Smart Energy Storage Solution.

More than a showroom for our customers, we will use this amazing equipment as a living lab to improve and validate new features for our always broader products range!


Thanks to this complete storage installation, CE+T increased its photovoltaic self-consumption rate to 36% and reached a green production representing 64% of the total consumption.

PV electricity production and additional applications from the battery like peaks shavings, self-consumption maximisation and power factor compensation will allow CE+T to save more than 35 000€ every year, for about 20 years, on its electricity bill.

On top of this financial aspect, we benefit from a backup solution to save our loads in case of power outage thanks to the integrated back-up functionality.

Liege Creative : Energy Communities

Jean-Pierre Chisogne will be a speaker at the next Liege Creative Forum. In the context of the fast evolving intermittent renewable energies, all parties have to work together to develop the grid of the future. CE+T Energrid will present one of the key part wich is the energy storage.

More info in this link

We successfully inaugurated our first Microgrid project at Mery

After months of hard work, our first Microgrid project had a successful official opening this 1st June at Mery with the presence of our Ministers. The solution is composed by CE+T power converters (640 kW), storage (340 kWh) and software (EMS and BMS). The whole CE+T Energrid team is now ready to propose storage and microgrid solutions for commercial or industrial customer in Belgium and abroad. These solutions are ideal to reduce your energy bill as explained in this video :

We are proud to be part of the first Microgrid in Wallonia in collaboration with Nethys, ULiège and many more. They talk about MeryGrid here :