CE+T Group now obtained the Gold label as Best Managed Company

CE+T Group has obtained the Gold label in recognition of retaining the Best Managed Companies label for four consecutive years. Each year, the Best Managed Companies programme rigorously evaluates and challenges organisations’ strategy and operational management against a proven global framework based on four pillars: a clear long-term strategy, extensive capabilities, strong commitment, and excellent financial performance. After a challenging year, resilience, leadership and agility have been particularly acknowledged by the independent jury.

Robert Eyben, CEO of CE+T Group, holding the Gold label received during the digital Best Managed Companies ceremony organized by Deloitte Belgium.

A word from our CEO

“We are honoured to bear the gold label and remain part of the community of Belgian private companies. Being recognised as Best Managed Company four times in a row confirms that we have strong assets to steer through challenging times, support the economic growth and embrace the world of tomorrow.” says Robert Eyben.

About Best Managed Companies

In 2017 Deloitte Private launched Belgium Best Managed Companies in collaboration with Econopolis, joined by KU Leuven in 2019. The programme aims to provide guidance and recognition for Belgian privately owned and managed companies that achieve excellent results.

The globally proven framework is used to assess their leadership qualities and practices in the areas of strategy, capabilities, commitment, and financial performance. Companies wishing to participate in the programme must have a turnover exceeding €10 million. They must have been established for at least five years, with more than 25 full-time employees and a majority stake (> 60%) owned by a Belgian resident, person or entity. The company’s HQ or a major decision centre must be located in Belgium and they must be fully compliant from a legal, tax and ethical perspective.

The Best Managed Companies label is intended to become an international label denoting quality and excellence. The programme was developed 28 years ago in Canada and has been rolled out in the meantime over 35 countries worldwide.

About CE+T

Since the 60’s, CE+T Power is specialised in the electrical power back up for critical applications. Located in Wandre (near Liège), the company has a turnover of more than 40 million euros and employs 275 people worldwide. The company has built its international reputation over the years, notably due to the winning of the Little Box Challenge organised by Google in 2016 (with an award of 1 million US$) and the label “Best Managed Companies” by Deloitte four years in a row since 2018.

CE+T Group is a multinational conglomerate of companies that creates, through an efficient and collaborative environment, advanced solutions to ensure peace of mind of its customers and the future of our planet. CE+T Power and its subsidiaries in America, India and China are part of the CE+T Group. CE+T Group then diversified itself by creating CE+T Energrid and CE+T Telecommunications, and by acquiring various companies such as Alpha Innovations, GAI, Gertek, Jema and Serel.

Who is CE+T Energrid?

Take 2minutes and 30 seconds to discover more about CE+T Energrid: the challenges the market faces, the solutions we can bring and how we do to help our customers!


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Role of Power Conversion Technology in Solar-Plus-Storage Solutions

High-performance and flexible multiport power converters will be a key enabling component in the energy transition for solar-plus-storage adoption and deployment. The power conversion system is critical when implementing solar coupled with storage as the efficiency of conversion will come into play at several stages throughout the system: PV to grid, PV to battery, and battery to grid.

Where do the CE+T Energrid solutions fit into the energy landscape?

The energy landscape has witnessed significant transformation over the past decade with the widespread proliferation of renewables. One of the biggest challenges we face for the continued growth of both utility-scale, and behind-the-meter sited solar is the intermittency of solar generation.

The unpredictable nature of solar power actually stresses the grid in some regions of high-penetration solar where adding additional solar may actually de-stabilize portions of the electrical grid.

Energy storage systems are a key solution to this roadblock – balancing the supply of renewables with the demands of the grid. CE+T Energrid’s energy storage solutions are based on our multiport power converters that enable the direct integration of solar and energy storage in one compact box, supporting both on-grid and off-grid applications. Our solutions are based on a revolutionary method of power conversion that delivers unprecedented flexibility and versatility in a broad range of applications.

Who can benefit the most from CE+T Energrid's storage solutions?

CE+T Energrid’s storage solutions are based on unique converters for application to all types of projects, such as:

  • Grid integrated solar-plus-storage
  • Storage-only systems for customer-side demand management
  • AC microgrids
  • DC microgrids
  • Critical load support and backup power
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Self-consumption and peak shaving
  • Power boosters

As such, those who can benefit the most from CE+T Energrid’s products include renewable project integrators, storage system integrators, utilities and corporate energy managers, or ESCO’s (Energy Service Companies) seeking to deliver lower energy costs while delivering additional value streams to their end customers.

How do CE+T Energrid's conversion units differ fundamentally from others on the market?

CE+T Energrid’s energy storage solutions represent a fresh approach to power conversion and a technological leap compared to conventional systems. Our PCS units achieve the same electrical isolation as traditional converter technologies at significantly reduced size and complexity.

Our solutions based on the multiport converters are unique. Most existing solar-plus-storage solutions utilize two separate power converters: one dedicated to PV and one dedicated to the battery. The management and integration of these two units is a headache for system integrators, from both a hardware and software point of view. Additionally, the 2-converter approach suffers from efficiency losses as a result of either DC coupling (intermediate DC power bus shared between the two converters) or AC coupling (AC-grid shared between the two converters).

CE+T Energrid’s conversion systems are software-enabled devices, allowing the capabilities of our storage solutions to be tailored to suit specific project requirements, and are easily configured for grid-tied, AC or DC microgrids, or grid-resilient (backup power applications). Multiple units may be paralleled on their AC or DC ports for higher-power applications, utilizing a novel power-sharing algorithm. Lastly, the DC voltage range is wider than most conventional systems, enabling support of almost all high voltage battery technologies.

Why is power conversion so critical for the deployment of solar-plus-storage?

High-performance and flexible multiport power converters will be key enabling component for solar-plus-storage adoption and deployment. The power conversion system is critical when implementing solar power coupled with storage, as the efficiency of conversion will come into play at several stages throughout the system: PV-to-grid, PV-to-battery, and battery-to-grid. Additional factors influence the choice of power conversion technology, including whether the solar-plus-storage system needs to be microgrid-enabled, or if battery storage is being retrofitted to an existing PV system.

Conventional AC, or DC-coupled systems require two separate power converters – one for the battery and another for the PV system. These approaches present significant difficulties for both on-grid and microgrid applications, where external high-speed control loops are required to manage energy-flows between converters and the grid in real-time. CE+T Energrid’s compact multiport converters eliminate this high-speed control requirement, minimizing control complexity. This will accelerate solar-plus-storage adoption and deployment.

Who is your primary customer and why?

As noted above, CE+T Energrid appeals to a broad range of system integrators and project developers, who focus on minimizing system design, installation, and ongoing operating costs.

What does the future look like for the power conversion market and what is CE+T Energrid's growth strategy?

With the recent announcement of Stabiliti™ product family, it is obvious that our storage solutions offering grid-resiliency is increasingly important to many of our integration partners' end-customers.

Note that 99%+ of today’s deployed PV systems, solar-plus-storage systems, and storage only systems are not grid-resilient. They cannot provide backup power to critical loads when the grid is down. The storage solutions based on the 30kW Stabiliti multiport or the 30kW Stabiliti dual-port offer grid-resiliently, and they can easily be paralleled to support larger system power ratings.

Our storage systems based on the Stabiliti family have created considerable interest not only in the industry, but also in the public sector market segment (municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals), where providing disaster-recovery and shelter-in-place services to local communities. In the past these required expensive, noisy and dirty diesel generators. Now with the CE+T Energrid Storage Solutions, the campus microgrid may offset diesel runtime and fuel use by 50% or more at such facilities.

The Middle East Energy Dubai

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Energy storage Europe

Join us to the biggest Energy Storage convention. Visit us from March 10 – 12 in Düsseldorf. Find us in the hall 8b / H08. Sam De Frene will show you the connected converters, micro-grids, storage solutions, Power Management System,...

CE+T Energrid will be at the EES & IBESA Summit in France

CE+T Energrid will be at the EES & IBESA Summit in Strasbourg. Being a part of the first SmartGrid in Wallonia, we find important to participate at these kind of events to stay abreast of the latest developpement in the energy storage industry. The Summit’s mission is to provide in-depth education, enable high-quality networking opportunities, expand the use of all energy storage technologies at national and regional level and strengthen local storage industry. A constantly changing and highly dynamic business environment requires innovative solutions to successfully compete in the marketplace and create a vibrant energy storage market. Feel free to contact our dear Philippe Ledent at the summit. We are always open to new opportunities and partners. More info here

Jean-Pierre Chisogne will represent us at the SPI in Los Angeles

Jean-Pierre Chisogne will attend to the Solar Power International in Los Angeles, the largest Solar and Storage Event from the 24th to the 27th September. It will be a great to opportunity to see what's new in the industry and find new partners for our numerous projects. Solar Power International Feel free to reach him. We are always open to discuss and find new opportunities. More info about the event, here

“Sustainable & Efficient Energy in healthcare institutions” Event

Our engineer, Philippe, will attend to the "Sustainable & Efficient Energy in healthcare institutions" Event, organized by the UNESSA and the cluster Tweed on the 13th September. TWEED-UNESSA 180913 If you want to learn more about the energy stakes in this application and talk with Philippe about the future of the energy, feel free to join us at this event. More info on the Tweed website here