CE+T Energrid will be at the EES & IBESA Summit in France

CE+T Energrid will be at the EES & IBESA Summit in Strasbourg. Being a part of the first SmartGrid in Wallonia, we find important to participate at these kind of events to stay abreast of the latest developpement in the energy storage industry.

The Summit’s mission is to provide in-depth education, enable high-quality networking opportunities, expand the use of all energy storage technologies at national and regional level and strengthen local storage industry. A constantly changing and highly dynamic business environment requires innovative solutions to successfully compete in the marketplace and create a vibrant energy storage market.

Feel free to contact our dear Philippe Ledent at the summit. We are always open to new opportunities and partners.

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Jean-Pierre Chisogne will represent us at the SPI in Los Angeles<< >>Jean-Pierre Chisogne will talk at the "Café Numérique Liège S09#3"

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