Commercial & Industrial

A better energy use can directly impact companies’ expenses, their reputation and the continuity of their activities. Our energy storage solutions help you reach this point!

What’s in it for you?

Save on your energy costs

Energy bills are a significant expense for most companies. With our solutions, generate and store energy during low-priced hours and use it when the price is high enables:

  • Shave peaks of consumption
  • Increase self-consumption with renewable energy
  • Get paid for demand response by shifting your consumption

Business continuity

Power interruptions can cost hundreds of thousands for every hour the facility is out of service. With one solution, we secure your most critical loads and reduce your energy costs.

The power backup provides resilient power for significant durations, ensuring business continuity even in case of power outage.

Optimize your consumption

By combining renewable energies with our solution, company can use a much larger share of their self-produced power and use storage to shift the power load. This also help grid stabilization in a world where the number of power outages in the future will increase.

Our solutions

All-in-one solutions

We have a range of standardized solutions from 20 to 200kW fully modular and compatible with different battery chemistries.

Atlas solutions

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Building block

Hercules is our multidirectional converter based on a proven UPS technology offering a high level of modularity.


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Examples of what we can do