Energy Storage

CE+T Energrid electrical conversion solutions will address energy storage applications. Such applications aim at mitigating the inadequacy between production and consumption, in the framework of microgrids in particular. The implementation of microgrids makes it possible to solve many problems, especially:
  • Generate electricity at a given time (e.g., from renewable energy sources) and consume it on a delayed basis (when needed) thanks to the storage capacity of batteries;
  • Where arrangements are possible with energy distributors, reinject electricity on the utility grid and resell this electricity to distributors during off-peak hours.
Such applications enable to reduce the overall energy bill of consumers and to stabilize networks. They involve different needs for industrial, commercial and residential segments. Hence CE+T Energrid product range will offer solutions of different powers and with different levels of storage (calculated on a case by case basis as required) up to 2 MW. You can find the datasheet of our Hercules converter for medium power application here