Grid Support

CE+T Energrid electrical conversion solutions will address grid support applications. Such applications aim at improving, at the level of business consumers, the quality of electricity from the utility grid and to prevent the loads of the consumer from generating disturbances on the network. Indeed, some consumers may have occasional, significant needs for electricity. This phenomenon generates peaks. Other phenomena can disrupt the electrical network. Indeed, some equipment can generate disturbances such as harmonics (i.e., phenomena that create a distortion in the sinusoid of the alternating current), overvoltage, under-voltage, noise, frequency variation or switching, also distorting the sinusoid. These two phenomena, peaks and disturbances, are the worst enemies of electricity distributors. Each consumer creating peaks and / or harmonics is financially penalized directly on its electricity bill because producers / distributors have to size the infrastructure accordingly.

CE+T Energrid solutions will offer several functionalities to mitigate these phenomena, including peak shaving, 3-phase balancing and active filtering.
  • Peak shaving consists in decreasing or suppressing the creation of peaks by using, in case of significant electricity needs, the energy stored in batteries.
  • 3-phase balancing also enables to reduce a sensitive electricity demand: it consists in transferring energy from less loaded phases to the most loaded one. Hence it enables to accommodate additional loads in an electrical infrastructure reaching its limits with respect to its original design.
  • The purpose of active filtering is to eliminate perturbations by recreating a perfect sinusoid. To this extent, bi-directional electrical converters are required to provide access to energy stored in batteries.