Our solutions

Standard & Modular Solutions


Chose the Energy Storage System that best fits your needs. We offer standardized configurations starting from 20kW up to 200kW including:

  • Brand agnostic energy storage systems (e.g.: batteries)
  • PMS Controller
  • Hercules power converters

These systems can be configured to provide up to 240kW.

Key features:

  • Shave peaks of consumption
  • Increase self-consumption with renewable energy
  • Get paid for demand response by shifting your consumption
  • Secure your most critical loads by using Atlas as backup solution

Containerized solutions

Our Stabiliti can be integrated into a container for on- and off-grid energy supply.  Each energy module can include:

  • Stabiliti 30C3 power converter of 30kW
  • PV panels from local partners (10 to 100kWp)
  • Brand agnostic battery storage (40 to +190kWh)

This modular solution can be configured to provide up to 240kW per container (8 energy modules).

Key Features:

  • Connect different consumers, prosumers and energy sources
  • Maximize the use of renewable energies you produce (self-consumption)
  • Reduce energy costs (grid or generator)
  • Increase the availability (backup) and the quality of the power supply

Customized solutions

Haven’t found the solution of your dream? All our building blocks can be integrated in your own solutions, with third-party devices.

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